Thursday, April 11, 2013


Token Efforts and this Blog represent an effort at developing a new voice and blog character that is open, honest and unqualified.  It attempts to be more straightforward, casual and extemporaneous without the publishing constraints of political correctness.  So much of our dialog these days is too measured and edited not to offend.  It is time to break away from that, to go all-out and be all-in with opinions and perspectives.  

Frustrated by the effort to publish opinions and technical papers, I lost my voice and ability to write anything while second guessing what people and editors might want to hear.  OCD editors with control issues have squelched my personal and professional writing style and ability.  

Several friends suggested blogging as a catharsis and a way to practice without the pressures of publishing.  But I notice the Publish button in the corner to send and save when I am done so I don't feel like I am writing in a vacuum for no one but myself.

So I am striving for the obscure, obtuse and the obscene, to be thought provoking for myself and any readers that stumble by.  You might say WTF at some postings but we all said that the first time we read On The Road, Clockwork Orange or Finnegans Wake, but the extra thought was worth the effort.  My dad used to say 'speak english junior' but that gets too boring being literal all the time.  Hang in there.  Give it a chance.

I started with water, writing what I know, but hope to branch into math and science, travel and adventure, politics and religion, personal experience and discoveries, and some good old stories.  I would love to lay down my daily thoughts, spell corrected and lightly edited, because every day is an adventure of thought and actions.  I am looking for progress not perfection and a way to stay creative and productive in my leisure years.  I need to hear my own voice.   I hope you enjoy the process.

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