Friday, May 17, 2013

Let it Be

We bought a piece of land the other day, 10 acres on the edge of one of those little, up and coming, central Utah towns.  Nestled between high mountain plateaus and the red rock desert with easy access to the National Parks, the San Rafael Swell and Lake Powell this town is making the transition from cowboy – ranchers to cappuccino  - bookstores.  We just liked the place, the people and the future of this town.  We looked at little houses, subdivisions and plots in town but felt overwhelmed and claustrophobic by the prospect of more home maintenance, building contractors or neighbors.  We stepped through the gate, onto our new land and felt liberated by the great wide-open, vistas in every direction, treeless western freedom.  There was even a horse head placed on an anthill, used as a natural depilatory .  A working ranch,  I thought.   Lots of lava rocks, a little sage and mostly little bunches of native grasses holding the red sandy clay together.  With water and power and a new paved road in the front, the lot is developable, the realtor told me.  How many units I inquired.  Well, 40, I guess, she said.  We had to laugh.  We started to imagine a house right in the middle, or a couple of houses in a communal cluster of friends and relatives as we ran around and kicked the dirt. What are you going to do with it she asked?  Nothing I replied, for a while. Just let it be.

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