Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wild Life

We went on a leaf ride the other day above the Park City and looked down on our perfect little model town far below us.  The leaves were mostly muted with a few tremendous patches of lime, yellow, orange and red.  Conifers looked like Christmas trees with Aspen leaves as bulbs. The trail was carpeted yellow.  The woods were alive with wildlife, in full randy rut and anxiously anticipating the hunting season.  We couldn’t see much game but we could smell moose and elk and deer in wafting patches of musk as we rode through the woods.  It smelled like elephants.  We felt privilege to visit the multi-colored home of these majestic beasts, and to leave them in peace at the end of the day.  They are getting ready for winter, as we are, and need this time to fatten-up¸ raise their young and get healthy for the tough season ahead.  C’est la vie.

I heard about the guy in Summit Park who shot a moose for attacking his dog while they walked a trail, in woods, thru the leaves.  Who takes a gun on a walk with their dog on a designated trail?   I forgot my poop bag but I am packing.  Is there something they are afraid of or something we should be afraid of, besides them?  It is artificial leverage and paranoia.  ?  The dog was off leash and deserved to get chased, its evolution and it is only fair.   To shoot the moose for defending its home is cowardice and arrogance, 45 caliber ego.  I heard he was cited for having his dog off leash.  I can’t speak for our State Militia or Second Amendment Rights, but at least we have a well regulated leash law. 

Park City is an amazing place and a tough place to leave for almost anyplace else, especially this time of year.  I had been in California for a while and couldn’t get out fast enough.  I was pleasantly surprised when I came back at how cool, clear, dry and mellow this place really is.  We are the outliers, compared to the rest of the country, and this is a special place full of distinctive people, living a unique lifestyle, who really want to be here.  We have to remind ourselves and each other of how lucky we really are to live in our model little town in a beautiful, recreational and natural setting.  With new sensibilities moving in and taking over, it is important to uphold the old values we have developed together including civility, recreation, reverence and respect for each other and our natural surroundings.

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