Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Our Light Blue Tent

We received a wonderful blue, two person North Face tent for a wedding gift, a moveable honeymoon suite that we take everywhere we go. It is a good, sturdy, cozy, breathable water proof, three season tent and we love nothing better than to cozy up in there, for afternoon naps, for fooling around, or for deep vacation sleeping. The worse the weather rages outside the more comfortable it is inside.

In a blinding rainstorm on the Boundary waters of northern Minnesota, we holed up for days, sleeping, eating, reading everything in sight. Safe and warm and dry while others in our group floated away in their tents that had turned into bath tubs with sleeping bags and pads floating around on their own.

In a three day blow in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming we hunkered down out of the snow, hypothermic to the bone and delirious, asking whether we would die if we fell asleep, but eventually willing to risk it, rejoicing when the sun slipped between the clouds and the horizon for five glorious gold minutes.

In a wind storm on the Green River in Desolation Canyon one night when the wild horses across the river were screeching like Banshees, the dome tent flattened and rolled us onto each other before snapping back into form countless times, filling up and covering us with sand by morning. We rose like a Phoenix from our structural but sandy entombment, safe but not sorry for the experience.

But normally the tent is our castle, our home, our instant pleasure dome, a room with a view for two, plus a dog and our stuff.  There is nothing cozier on a cold night, nothing shadier and sleepier on a hot desert afternoon, no refuge in the wild better than our light blue tent.

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